Printing Plate

Welcome to the assembly guide for Spero Autoflex Printing Plate!

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of building the printing plate for your Spero Autoflex hardware extension.

Before starting, check the Compatibility and Adaptability to see if your 3D printer is listed among the Adapted Printers.

Required Materials and Equipment

1. Spring Steel Sheet Metal 

  • Thickness: 0.008" (0.2 mm) 
  • Size:

For Creality Ender-3 Pro: 9.2" * 10.6" (23.5 cm x 27 cm)

For Artillery Sidewinder X1: 12" * 14.2" (31 cm x 36 cm)

For Non-Adapted 3D Printers Recommended Adaptation Steps:

  • Measure your 3D printer bed sizes.
  • Add 1.5"(4 cm) to the original y dimension size of your plate to account for extra space at the back.
  • Get a metal sheet in dimensions x x (y + 4 cm).

2. Single Track Rail (Ceiling Curtain Track can be used)

  • Size: Same as the x dimension of your 3D printer bed.

For Creality Ender 3 Pro: 9.2" (23.5 cm)

For Artillery Sidewinder X1: 12" (31 cm)

3. Kapton Tape 

4. Two-Sided Mounting Tape

5. Any Kind of Fastening Tape  (This could be Blue 3M Tape, Sealing Tape, or Duct Tape.)

6. Magnetic Sheet 

  • Size: Same as the 3D Printer bed measures

7. Hand/Power Saw (To cut the rail)

8. Scissor (8" Multipurpose scissors would be fine.)

9. Soap and water

10. Sponge

11. Scraper 

Preparing Materials

Metal Sheet

Tip: You can cut the 0.2 mm metal sheet with a sharp office scissor. 


An aluminium or plastic ceiling curtain track can be used. Aluminium rails are recommended due to the strength and resistance to stress. In order to create an open gap that the adapter docks before going in, the rail should be cut 2"(5 cm) inside from left or right side. 

Tip: Oscillating tools with a saw blades works great for cutting and recommended due to the safety reasons. 

Assembly the Items

Step 1: Cover the Steel Sheet with Kapton Tape

For the easiest and cleanest lamination process with Kapton tape, start by dampening the surface with soapy water to create a smooth application. Then, gently press down on the Kapton tape, using a flexible plastic scraper to ensure proper adhesion without leaving any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 2: Fasten the Rail to the Metal Sheet

Use two-sided mounting tape, securely fasten the rail to the back short side of the metal sheet. 

Step 3: Plaster the Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive Back

Prepare the 3D printer bed by plastering and covering it with the magnetic sheet featuring an adhesive back. This step ensures proper adhesion and compatibility with your Spero Autoflex printing plate.

Step 4: Mount the Spero Autoflex Building Plate to the 3D Printer Bed

Align the metal sheet and the 3D printer bed at the front side, allowing the Spero Autoflex printing plate to extend beyond the bed from the rear. Secure the plate by taping it to the front of the 3D printer bed with a duct tape. Then secure the bed and the table by taping them from the inside with blue 3M tape. Make sure the table is firmly attached to the bed and opens and closes smoothly.

Congratulations! Your Spero Autoflex Printing Plate is now ready for use, providing you with seamless and efficient 3D printing capabilities.